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Did you Know - Toronto Neighbourhood facts
…. that Neutral Lane in Cabbagetown was named after the First Nations tribe of people who shared with other tribes in the ownership of the land now called Cabbagetown? In 1871, approximately 28,484 Native people lived in the area.
By the mid 20th century, it had become one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods, inhabited mostly by Irish and Macedonian immigrants who brought little with them when they came to Canada.
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Cabbagetown is an historic Toronto neighbourhood – its very name stems from the cabbages grown on front lawns by Irish Immigrants starting in the 1840s. Loosely bounded by Gerrard St. to the South, River Street to the East and Wellesley Street to the North, today’s Cabbagetown is a charming and much loved neighbourhood filled with many designated Heritage homes. A diverse array of businesses, from French Bistro’s to Sri Lankan restaurants, pet stores to hardware stores, coffee shops to décor shops, populate Parliament street, the commercial centre of the neighbourhood.

With easy pedestrian and transit access to the centre of Toronto, Cabbagetown also boasts a special connection to nature and the Don River Valley. Boasting tree lined streets and many finely kept gardens that are featured on annual garden tours, Cabbagetown offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Cabbagetown residents, and visitors alike, love to flock to Riverdale Farms, a (favourite of Jackie’s own young son), and access to the east side of Riverdale Park is a walk over the Bridge, which affords many access points to Toronto’s famed systems of ravines, paths and parks.

An outstanding farmers market takes place next to Riverdale Farms throughout the summer, and the nearby park is a fantastic space for children and dogs alike to roam. Annual festivals such as the Forsythia Festival in spring, the Arts and Crafts Festival in the summer, or the Riverdale Farm Fall Harvest Festival, amongst many others, animate the neighbourhood and contribute to the rich community life of the area.

Jackie herself has a long time connection to Cabbagetown, having worked many years ago at the Epicure Shop on Parliament, still a current fixture of the community and one of Toronto’s best deli’s. If you drop by, be sure to tell Patty that Jackie sent you!



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