Investing in property, in Jackie’s humble opinion, is the single best way to make your money work for you! As an investor herself, Jackie has a wealth of experience, information and strategies to assist you in making the right choices.

The single most important element to consider when investing in property is the big picture. Is your vision for the short term, with fast turn around and quick profit, or the long term, allowing your property to accrue value and provide you with security over time? Are you interested in being a hands-on landlord, or do you want to take a more hands off approach?

Jackie will work through the maze of questions surrounding property investment, saving you time and frustration, and will position you to make the sound investment that meets your needs.

Jackie’s role is to prepare you for investing with all the necessary information, negotiating the complexities and sharing information with you along the way. From Net Operation Income, Capitalization Rates, Gross Operating Income, and Positive Cash Flow – Jackie will demystify these dense terms and help you identify the property and investment scenario that is right for you.

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