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Did you Know? Leslieville
….that Leslieville got its name from the family of George Leslie, a gardener and businessman, who established Toronto Nurseries in the area in the late 1840’s. Many of the trees that were planted in the City of Toronto at that time were grown in Leslieville.
A famous tree that stood for over 100 years was the subject of Alexander Muirs poem written in 1867: Maple Leaf Forever,  also depicted in this mural. This tree stood in Leslieville at Laing Street up until recently,  when it fell due to old age, and in true Torontonian fashion, its legacy was honoured through efforts to make new furniture and keepsakes out of the wood of that tree.
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Leslieville hd was once the area where most of the trees planted in the early days of the city of Toronto were grown. Today Leslieville is known as one of the “coolest” neighbourhoods in Toronto, at least according to the New York Times. Locals know it as a funky and laidback neighbourhood that appeals to families and hipsters alike. Approachable, vibrant, and with amazing walkability, Leslieville boasts as a rich history dating back to the 1800s, ana delightful combination of vibrant street life and cozy residential streets. Leslieville has an active community life, with many local festivals, fundraisers, community events and socially conscious neighbours who care about the less fortunate in the neigbourhood and work to keep shelters and other services unharmed by development.

Residents are attracted to Leslieville’s relatively affordable rental and property prices, and close proximity to downtown – a 15 minute streetcar ride quickly gets you to the centre of Toronto. The area abounds with a variety of recreation opportunities for all ages – from parks to pools, recreation centres to bike trails, from flea markets to farmers markets, there’s something for everyone. Leslieville offers easy access to Tommy Thompson Park on the Leslie Street Spit, a famed natural habitat conservation area built on a human-made peninsula, where residents and visitors alike enjoy hiking and birding in view of the city. Some of the city’s best eating spots are to be found in this area; from true Neapolitan style pizza to gourmet Mexican tacos, there are dozens of tantalizing options to choose from.

The last decade has seen tremendous growth in the neighbourhood that Jackie herself has witnessed as an almost ten year resident of the area. If you’re curious about the East end, then come over the bridge and see what it’s all about!




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