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Did you Know - Toronto Neighbourhood facts
….Greenwood Park, one the largest parks in the neighbourhood, was once the site of a clay mine, which supplied the local brick industry. Many of the turn of the century buildings in the downtown core of Toronto were built with bricks from this area. Today, this area is  home to a diverse range of businesses that feature the cuisine, goods and music of North and South India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
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Little India, or the Gerrard India Bazaar as it is also known, is a unique and vibrant neighbourhood just north east of Leslieville. Stretching across Gerrard from Greenwood to Cowell.

A new crop of establishments, from funky cafes and galleries, vintage stores, toy stores and health food shops contribute to the growing and shifting character of the neighbourhood. Little India comes into full swing during a number of annual festivals that turn the area into a pedestrian’s delight – the Summer sees the Festival of South Asia and Diwali and Festival of Lights, marks the early Fall.

A walk to two huge parks, Greenwood Park and Monarch Park, Little India offers easy access to recreation space, pools, splash pads and playgrounds. Easy access to Leslieville to the South, East Danforth to the North, and The Beach to the East makes Little India the perfect spot to explore the many diverse and vibrant surrounding neighbourhoods that Toronto has to offer.

This is the neighbourhood that Jackie herself calls home. Moving from a smaller house in nearby Leslieville, she and her family found the perfect, larger and affordable home on a tree lined street, steps from her son’s school and with easy pedestrian access to all of the kinds of businesses and recreation that she and her family enjoy. She’d love to tell you more about it!

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