Residential Leasing

More and more people are turning to Real Estate professionals to lease their investment property for them and find them excellent, gold star tenants. Our job is to vet the people interested in leasing our client’s investment property. Conducting thorough interviews with potential renters, showing the property, performing credit checks, arranging lease signings, calling references and arranging move-ins, are just a few of the tasks a real estate representative does for investor clients.

Conversely, people searching for a place to live often come to us to avoid the pavement pounding and allow us to vet the potential unit being advertised. It works both ways! Busy clients depend on me to find them a home to rent and to conduct due diligence in doing so. School zones, safety of area, neighbourhood groups and access to parking or public transit is just a few things we look for when searching for the perfect place for clients to call home. I take this responsibility very seriously as it can potentially affect your happiness!

I ensure that your rights are protected and that you are satisfied with the Lease that you sign, prior to you signing it. I’ll explain all of the intricacies that you may not think of – who mows the grass in the summer? Who shovels the walks in the winter? Do you pay extra for parking? Is there storage included? What are the other tenants in the building like? Does this investor have a good handle on maintenance? Who manages the property? These are some of the reasons why busy people source an agents help.

Commercial Leasing

Commercial Leasing is one the most complicated contractual negotiations out there and if you don’t know what you’re doing, the outcome could be expensive and harmful to your business. The issues and facts involved in a commercial leasing transaction are numerous and it’s important to have someone on your side who knows what they are talking about and how to best protect the client.

From a commercial investor looking for the ideal tenant to the tenant looking for the ideal space, commercial leasing encompasses hundreds of little details in what can sometimes be a very lengthy contract. The most important thing is that the client is well informed of their obligations and duties concerning the lease, and that they sign the lease only when they are comfortable with the details. A knowledgeable real estate representative will ensure your needs and requirements are met!